Construction of the Toom-Kuninga 21 building is being performed by Merko Ehitus Eesti, and will be completed this year.

The building has reached its final height—which means that you can now come and take in the views—with some apartments still available for purchase.


21 Toom-Kuninga street is a property being built between Uus Maailm and downtown. When combining the magic of Uus Maailm and the modern style of downtown a one of a kind home is created.

The uniqueness of the location called for an architectural competition. It became clear that architects from Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid were the best choice to bring the two worlds together. They were also responsible for the modern and sophisticated shopping centre Kvartal in Tartu.

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Your personal embassy – presentable

A grand entrance may be seen as an unnecessary luxury, but it is much nicer to be greeted like a Maestro rather than a second violin.

A home that respects your wishes

Some values go through life with you. For years. For us, it is important to give you the chance to design your home from the start. Please enter your e-mail address to discuss your vision with us. Let us take care of the final result. We will contact you to give you the most recent information about the house.

Tallinn at your doorstep

Hints of New York in the 1930s


A home where silence is also thought provoking. The opulence of the eloquent Art Deco interior finishing is above average. The tone is provided by French herringbone parquet flooring, wallpaper that is bolder in nature, decorative timber walls and polished copper details.


An environment for a well-off bohemian. Here the floor maintains a low profile – classical herringbone oak flooring has been installed. The tone in the home is provided by black details and decorative walls. In the bathroom, beige, turquoise, and even a bit of timber, unexpected.


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